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Via del Portico D’Ottavia, 65 (Ghetto ebraico di Roma)

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The restaurant

Kosher cuisine Restaurant in Rome

At “La Reginella” you will find the historical dishes of the Judeo-Roman tradition, along with the reinterpretations of great classics, such as the carbonara, which we prepare with artichokes and dried meat, always cooking without ever mixing meat and milk together, and exclusively with kosher meat.

Our fresh fish dishes are exclusively kosher too, therefore we do not serve unsuitable seafood and fish: we prepare daily special sea food dishes based on mullet roe, sea bass, sea bream, tuna, amberjack and turbot. In addition to the delicious and fanciful raw fish with tartare and carpaccio, you can always find the kosher fish soup in our menu, which reminds us of the origins of the Roman ghetto.

Kosher Cuisine

The classic taste of tradition lives on in our artichokes jewish style, always crunchy and light, which we like to cook in batter, grilled and salad variants. We cook the poor dishes of our history, such as zucchini tanning, fried cod, zucchini flowers, anchovy and endive pie, roasted tomato halves, as they once were cooked, to pass on flavors that are much more than a recipe.

Then there are the typical Roman dishes, such as the roast lamb, the veal, the fettuccine, the tonnarelli and the agnolotti of braised. We cook the typical dishes of our history always in compliance with the rules of kosherut, observing the Saturday and the ordered holidays, only using ingredients of the highest quality, all certified by the Rabbinate of Rome. Obviously we serve homemade pasta, prepared in an open-plan laboratory.

The wine list of La Reginella d’Italia Kosher presents a careful selection of the best Israeli and kosher Italian labels, to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs. We also remember that in our restaurant we serve only homemade bread of our production, as well as all the desserts are prepared daily by our pastry chef.


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