Kosher Restaurant in Rome

Via del Portico D’Ottavia, 65 (Ghetto ebraico di Roma)

+39 06/68801607

Kosher Cuicine

Kosher Cuisine

In our restaurant in Portico d’Ottavia you will find historical dishes and reinterpretations of great classics, such as amatriciana and carbonara, cooked without mixing meat and milk together and exclusively with kosher meat.

There are many dishes of the Jewish-Roman cuisine that have been handed down to the present day and which can be considered as the flagship of Roman Jewish restaurants, of which the Fried artichokes jewish style is the symbol. It is a simple dish, golden and crispy outside, and with a soft heart, renowned all over the world, even in the most typically Roman version.

Ristorante Kosher
Fried artichokes jewish style
Tuna in sesame breading
Offal with artichokes
Fettuccine with redfish pesto and zucchini flowers
Carbonara with artichokes
Dried and salted cod in chickpeas sauce with oriental herbs


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